Graduates of the Masters in Cinema and Masters in Sound occupy a special place in the profession, as shown by their presence in the credits of many films or by the awards they have won at the Césars.

Graduates include Directors of Photography Claire Mathon (1998), Jonathan Ricquebourg (2013), David Chambille (2005), but also Sylvain Verdet (1998), Alexis Kavyrchine (1994), Sébastien Buchmann (1994), Jeanne Lapoirie (1984), Rémy Chevrin (1985), Nathalie Durand, AFC (1981) and Éric Gautier (1982).

Lucien Balibar (1993), Nicolas Cantin (1994), Julien Sicart (1998), André Rigaut (1980) are recognised sound engineers; for sound editing, Olivier Walczak (1994), Sélim Azzazi (1999) or Nicolas Moreau (1999) are recognized professionals; in sound mixing, Emmanuel Croset (1991), Niels Barletta (2010), Daniel Sobrino (1994), Florent Lavallée (1990), Erwan Kerzanet (1997) or Olivier Goinard (1998).

The ENS Louis-Lumière Masters in Sound alumni are also working widely in the field of music and live performance. For example: Anaïs Libolt (2006), manager at Dolby, Aline Guillard (2008), technical director at the Gaîté Lyrique, Louis Martin (2007), Lead audio at Ubisoft (video games) or Lucie Bourely (2014), artistic director and music producer.

Jean-Bernard Marlin (Cinema, 2004), receiving a César for his film Sheherazade

Claire Mathon (Cinema, 1998) receiving a César for the image of the film Portrait de la jeune fille en feu

Jeanne Delplancq (Sound, 2019) receiving a César for the sound of the film Adolescente

The school’s graduates in Photography are generally very much appreciated in highly technical sectors, and hold a wide variety of positions across image-related sectors. It is often less well known that they are regularly nominated or rewarded in competitions or prizes and that they have notable careers as auteur-photographers, for example: Nadège Abadie (2012), Samuel Bollendorff (1994), Stéphanie Solinas (2001) and Cyril Weiner (2002).

Jérôme Cortie (Photography, 2020) at the Rencontres d’Arles

Lucile Boiron (Photography, 2014) at the photography festival Circulations