Our facilities


Film studios and equipment

Students have access to two 230 m2 film studios, each with professional lighting and grip equipment and a green screen background.

For shooting, the school is equipped with a complete range of audiovisual equipment, from analogue film to digital cameras as well as extensive lighting and gripping equipment.

Post-production, image and sound for cinema

The school has its own post-production rooms :

  • 6 image editing rooms,
  • 16 VFX trick stations,
  • 3 calibration stations,
  • 1 mastering and DCP manufacturing station.

All rooms are networked.

Sound post-production

  • 6 sound editing rooms,
  • 1 cinema mixing auditorium equipped with a THX wall allowing for Dolby 5.1 sound.

Photo studios

The school offers a 2-part modular shooting stage with cyclo and a 4-space modular stage, equipped with professional lighting and shooting equipment.

Photo laboratories

Students have access to:

  • 2 computer workshop rooms, one specialising in retouching, scanning and editing and the other in printing, colour management and finishing.
  • A « silver » laboratory (colour and alternative processes) with dedicated professional equipment and computer equipment for printing in NB.

Music and sound

  • The school is equipped with a music recording and mixing studio, equipped with a drum and piano booth, as well as a radio studio and a commentary/ADR booth common to the two studios.
  • For sound recording, students have access to mobile digital recorders, mixers and microphones.

Image and Sound Science Unit

This centre, with a transversal vocation, is composed of three laboratories equipped with measuring instruments for photography, cinema and sound:

  • Optics laboratory,
  • Colorimetry and sensitometry laboratory,
  • Electronics and audio-frequency laboratory.

General equipment and projection

The Nougaret-Depardon screening room (120 seats + 4 PMR seats) is equipped for 35mm and 4K digital cinema projection, as well as a DoReMi server allowing for 3D projection and 7.1 sound.

Adjacent to the screening room, an exhibition area with direct access from the nave of the Cité du Cinéma welcomes the public.


The Léon Gaumont collections contain more than 15,000 works covering all disciplines taught in the school and dealing with the scientific, technical, artistic and aesthetic fields of image and sound.

The Documentation Centre’s complete catalogue is available at the following address: http://ensll.tamil.fr.

A special archive collection is mainly composed of scientific journals and technical manuals devoted to photography at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries and the early years of cinema.