The Masters in Cinema

A training for excellence in the image professions, going hand in hand with a solid knowledge of the entire filmmaking process.


The course is founded on training in the profession of Director of Photography, via teaching and the practice of creating cinematographic images.

This field requires a range of knowledge and skills demanding an open and progressive training covering all artistic and technical aspects of the creation and production of film images. Consequently, students are trained in the key trades closely related to the DoP’s work: assistant operating; D.I.T. on film sets; colour grading, colour-science and other continuously-evolving skillsets in the post-production of images.

Writing and directing issues are taught and practiced in the context of collaborative work, particularly focused on the Director of Photography/Director duo.

Taking into account multiple forms of moving image making allows our graduates to adapt to contemporary and future technical and aesthetic developments and challenges; in feature films, both fiction and documentaries and television series, and also in music videos, advertising, corporate films or any other audiovisual production.


The common thread of our pedagogy is to constantly build bridges between scientific, technical and artistic subjects, between theory and practice. Every semester cross-disciplinary workshops put new skillsets taught into perspective by bringing together working professionals and teachers.

The production of images and films punctuates the whole schooling. In a different but complementary tempo to the learning process, each student’s desire to create is encouraged and developed through extra-curricular projects in which the students take the initiative and the institution supports…

Each student has the responsibility of Director of Photography, from preparation to delivery, on at least one complete production during their studies at ENS Louis-Lumière. The relationship between the Director of Photography and the Director is privileged in creative work. Training in scriptwriting, directing, editing and post-production is deepened via successful productions.

Throughout the course workshops are organised with a variety of participants: Directors of Photography, Directors, Screenwriters, Colorists, Editors, Production Designers, VFX Supervisors, Costume Designers, Make-up artists, Assistant Operators, Electricians, Grips and others.

Within the framework of collaboration with various partners, including EUR-ArTec, workshops, seminars, colloquia and conferences are organised to develop the research-creation axis within the School. Students undertake a compulsory internship in a production or post-production company (shooting, service providers, digital laboratories, productions).