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Initial training


  • anyone who has completed two years of higher education in the same area of study;
  • holders of a high school diploma;
  • under 27 years of age.



  • tuition is free of charge;
  • the school is a public institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.



  • 3 years of full-time education;
  • diploma conferring a Masters degree.



  • entrance exam (written and oral) in the Spring;
  • 48 admitted students per year (16 per Masters).


Permanently employed teacher-researchers and teachers ensure the continuity of the school's pedagogical approach, while a significant proportion of working professionals teaching part-time provide the flexibility needed to adapt the school’s work to the styles, challenges and technologies of the moment.


Key advantages of our three Masters programs:


  • Courses adapted to both "traditional" professions and innovative practice.


  • A large number of productions, practical projects and partnerships throughout the curriculum.


  • Courses that allow students to manage their professional orientation.


  • Consideration for multiple forms of visual and sound creation.


  • A strong articulation between practical/technical and artistic/creative teaching.


  • A central place for professional contributors in the pedagogy; multi-department workshops, individual workshops and production projects.


  • An emphasis on international mobility.


  • An active network of graduates.


  • Strong links to new tools, current and emerging techniques.