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Student life

The school supports cultural and professional initiatives by its student associations both financially and logistically.

The Apell


The Apell is run by the students of ENS Louis-Lumière. It offers a setting for all kinds of events, including an evening that allows all types of work to be showcased: somewhere between an exhibition, a collective happening, a cultural event and a micro-festival (exhibition, screenings, radio broadcasts, live concerts). Further information.




The Cine-club


Organised in partnership with the cinema "Le Grand Action" (Paris, 75005), the Cine-club organises monthly meetings with cinema professionals around the screening of one of their films. Further information.




48+, a group of student photographers at the school.


This association was created to promote the work of its members through exhibitions, the publication of a magazine and the distribution of portfolios. It also organises regular meetings. Further information.




Radio 48V, created and hosted by the school's sound students. Further information.



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