« Optimization of Interactive Binaural Processing », in AES Convention 143, Audio Engineering Society

Autrice – Auteur : Ouvrage collectif avec la participation de Laurent Millot



Several monitoring devices may be involved during a post-production. Given its lower cost and practical aspects, head-tracked binaural processing could be helpful for professionals to monitor spatialized audio contents. However, this technology provides significant spectral coloration in some sound incidences and suffers from its current comparison to a stereophonic signal reproduced through headphones. Therefore, different processing methods are proposed to optimize the binaural rendering and to find a new balance between externalization and timbral coloration. For this purpose, the alteration of the HRTF spectral cues in the frontal area only has been studied. In order to evaluate the accuracy of such treatments, listening tests were conducted. One HRTF processing method offered as much externalization as the original HRTFs while having a closer timbre quality to the original stereo signal.

in AES Convention 143, Audio Engineering Society, 2017